Why I Decided to Use and 
Actively Promote This Card System

My name is Clive Clifford and I am an entrepreneur and Business Coach. I have started, owned and run businesses on 3 continents (N. America, Africa & Europe) and as a Business Coach have worked with hundreds of business owners in growing their business. You can read more about me here.

One of the problems that I see in virtually all small to medium sized businesses that I work with, is setting up consistent, reliable contact mechanisms to not only stay in touch with customers and prospects but also to get those very important referrals.

Using emails and autoresponders is a wonderful tool in theory, unfortunately with all the Spam and the hype they have proven to not be very effective. A resistance has been built up around these systems because they have been so abused by so many people. Just think of how much email you get, or would get if you have an anti-spam system.

I have seen many businesses plan a follow up campaign and then just not execute. The owners get so tied up in working IN their businesses that it is not seen as a priority, and therefore it never happens. Now I know that the intentions are good but RESULTS is what counts! This is one of the reasons that Business Coaching is taking off. We hold our clients accountable and responsible to get things done.

For the businesses that recognize the potential and act on it, SendOutCards.com is going to be dynamite! Two keys to growing a business are repeat customers and getting referrals. SendOutCards.com just takes these strategies to a new level. And MOST importantly, it allows you to put them on Autopilot! Set it up and turn it loose.

As a business owner or professional, This is a tool that is simply a must have! If you don't take advantage of this system you can be sure that at least some of your competitors will.

If you are looking to become a distributor, I have to tell you that the demand is HUGE. It applies to every business and every industry and is not a hard sell. Once you show people the system, they realize the potential and sign up.